Monday, December 14, 2009

Winter Veil squeeee...

I am an achievement whore. There, I said it.

Granted, I'm not one of those people that gets nearly every achievement known to man, and I don't like to impose on others or play in a fashion contrary to the spirit of the game just to get some weird "Kill 100 sea boars while naked, picking your nose, and flying on a wiener schnitzel" achievement. Although I have been known to jump repeatedly off cliffs unclothed for unlocks in other games. ;)

But I loves me some achievement goodness. And if it's combined with a World Event, even better. Enter: Winter Veil.

Last year was the first time ever that I wasn't playing WoW during Winter Veil, due to burnout and other issues. Every year before that, it has been a silly Christmas Morn tradition for us to log-on to WoW first thing and get the presents from Greatfather Winter. I'm excited to be able to complete the Winter's Veil achievements this year and get the title "Merrymaker". has just posted their Guide to Winter Veil, as it starts tomorrow. Hope you've been collecting your small eggs, as they'll likely be selling very well this week. My plan was to chain-run heroics the rest of the week, but I'll likely be busy with Winter Veil for at least 2-3 evenings.

After that, I only need two more world event achievements to get the Violet Proto-Dragon: Love is in the Air (which I've heard is a pain) and the Lunar Festival event. So if all goes well, I'll have the drake sometime in February.

I've had some folks ask why I "waste" time on achievements, titles, and world events, saying that such things are pointless and stupid and for people that have no lives. That may be somewhat true, but the same can be said for any aspect of any MMO. In the end, it's all pixels in a video game. The real objective is to have fun, whatever that definition of fun may be.

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