Monday, September 20, 2010

A Fork in the Road

Yep, that's one big fork. Thankfully, my fork isn't so huge. I think.

I've been giving much thought to the state of my blogging lately. Originally, Battle Priestess started as a World of Warcraft blog, and for the most part it has stayed a WoW blog, although over the past few months I've expanded it to be more of a general WoW/MMO/Gaming sort of blog. And honestly... that's not working so well. I need focus, and lately much of my focus has been taken by LotRO. Right now there's a weird sort of co-existence between LotRO and WoW on this blog. While I still enjoy playing both games and want to continue blogging about both of them, I don't care for trying to balance between them in a blog context. I would guess that it's also somewhat disorienting to my readers as well, especially if you're really only interested in one specific game.

So to that end, I'll be splitting off the LotRO content from this site. My new LotRO blog is at The Woodhall Post and I'll be moving most of my LotRO content there. So, if you're a LotRO player, please come visit! I'm really excited about the new blog and the opportunities that I'll have there to go more in-depth on LotRO and Tolkien's Middle Earth. I've also set up a new twitter feed to go with the LotR side of things as well: @WoodhallPost.

But, if you're not a LotRO player, never fear! Battle Priestess will remain here as a WoW blog, as well as a little bit of geekery and general gaming. Cataclysm is coming folks! ::cheer:: Of course, if you play (or are interested in) both games, by all means, please continue to follow both blogs.

Also, I have to say a big thank you to my readers (I know you're out there!) that have put up with my gaming schizophrenia all this time. :)


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  1. Good luck with both sites! Woodhall's looking very good :)


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